An Introduction to BdFISH Quiz

Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home (In brief, BdFISH) is an online platform for sharing fisheries information. It is launched and maintained by BdFISH Team. At present BdFISH publishes fisheries information through websites in two different languages- English (BdFISH) and Bengali (BdFISH Bangla). BdFISH quiz is launched to arrange e-tests of Bangladesh fisheries relevant knowledge.

Bangladesh is rich with her large numbers of fish and other fisheries fauna and flora, vast areas of open, closed and semi-closed water-bodies and other fisheries resources such as manpower, equipments, institutions, industrious etc. Moreover the environmental condition and geographical location is suitable for fish and other aquatic organism as well as favorable for aquaculture. In this situation Fisheries Science is plays a vital role for management and conservation of fisheries resources and development of aquaculture. We strongly believe that sharing fisheries information will prove as an effective strategy in this process.

All activities of BdFISH are non-commercial as well as voluntary. Commercial advertise are not published on all sites of BdFISH. People, interested in sharing fisheries based information, can join BdFISH and can play an important role in its development. Anyone can register him/herself as an Author from here. In addition, if anyone does not wishes to be a registered author, s/he may write here as Guest Author. Finally, anyone can leave comment/s, at least can be a regular reader and well-wisher.


What is BdFISH Quiz?
The BdFISH stands for Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home which serves as an online platform for sharing fisheries information worldwide. But to us, the BdFISH is name of a hope, a dream! We hope to gather and publish fisheries information of Bangladesh through a single platform. BdFISH quiz ( is launched to arrange e-tests of Bangladesh fisheries relevant knowledge.

What are the goals and objectives of BdFISH Quiz?
The one and only goal of BdFISH is to establish an online platform that will help to share fisheries information. At present, BdFISH Team is working to reach its goal and objectives by launching two websites BdFISH Bangla and BdFISH. Moreover one e-archive like BdFISH Document, one e-alert like BdFISH Event are also worked. The main objective of BdFISH Quiz is to arrange e-test of Bangladesh fisheries relevant knowledge.

What is BdFISH Team?
The BdFISH team composed on those people, who are involved in BdFISH as Author and/or Editor. Effectiveness duration of a BdFISH Team is one year from January to December i.e. a new team is formed each year based on the participation of the interested people.

How the level of participation in BdFISH is determined or measured?
This is usually done by analyzing the activities and responsibilities of a participant. However, general participant categories are described here:

  • Reader and well-wisher: People who have visited BdFISH websites on regular basis and share our information to others.
  • Participator: Who attain an e-test of BdFISH Quiz.
  • Commentator: Who post or leave his own opinion (i.e. comment) after reading a feature on BdFISH websites.
  • Contributors: Participant who contribute some info (text or photograph or e-document) about any fisheries resources.
  • Guest Author: Participant who’s article/s already published on BdFISH website/s but do not have the ability to publish it directly or edit the published feature by own.
  • Author: Participants capable of publishing or editing own feature by own. They can also edit comment on his/her feature.
  • Editor: A responsible person to edit any feature or comment and maintain online and offline activities.

Who can participate in BdFISH Quiz?
Anyone may participate in BdFISH quiz. Any self-motivated or interested people from any location can join BdFISH. Interested people can play a key-role in the development of BdFISH. If you want to attain an e-quiz/test, you may attain without any type of registration and fees. Moreover you may participate by sending an e-quiz to . Before sending your quiz you must read Terms and Conditions of BdFISH quiz.

How to participate in BdFISH Document?
It’s simple. Anyone can be a attain any e-test without registration and fees. It is completely free. Moreover you may participate by sending an e-quiz to . Before sending your quiz you must read Terms and Conditions of BdFISH quiz.

How can I share e-quiz?
Please send your e-quiz to  as attachment file/s. Before sending your e-quiz, you must visit and agree the Terms and Conditions of BdFISH Document. Please send your photographs and profile as separate file/s for first time.

What type of document is shared on BdFISH Quiz?
Bangladesh fisheries relevant off course! It should be copyright free and/or non-commercial and published/unpublished e-quiz and can be written either in Bengali or English or both. Source info must be given. Pleas see the BdFISH Quiz Terms and Conditions for more details.

What is the source of finance of BdFISH?
It was already mentioned that all activities of BdFISH are non-commercial and voluntary. Members or participants of BdFISH do not get financial benefit from it and they do not deserve such earnings. The only source of finance of BdFISH is donation which is generally comes from the well-wishers or members, but anyone can donate this organization. Interested people may contact via email .

Your expectation, suggestion, advice, question, or even complain can be written to .